Use in entertainment

Use in entertainment

QR codes are becoming increasingly innovative and more and more ideas for their use are becoming a reality. has created a QR code for every user generated level in LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PlayStation 3, and all people have to do is print that QR code out and hold it in front of the PlayStation 3's dedicated camera, the PlayStation Eye, while the game is running and the game will automatically take the player to that level on the community page. The Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker application can generate a QR code for every possible Mii with the word "Mii" written in the middle of the code, with the Mii's name at the bottom (though the written name is not necessary for scanning). With this code, a Mii can be published and shared on the Internet or in printed material.

A QR code was used to promote Lupe Fiasco's album, "Lasers." The album was launched in the center of San Francisco with a massive QR code which allowed fans to scan it with the Redlaser technology in order to preorder the album.

The hip hop collective OFWGKTA used a QR code when they played on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon instead of an album artwork which Jimmy Fallon usually presents. The code redirected to a site on the groups homepage.
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